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Hi! I'm a new media scholar specializing in issues of transmedia, intellectural property, digital materiality and fandom. While I like a lot of stuff, most of my output ends up being connected in some way to either video games or comics. My approach combines slapdash Actor-Network Theory, haphazard poststructuralism, materiality, and a smattering of theories from other schools. I'm always looking for the connections that keep objects and cultures alive and active. 

My early background is in drama and literature. As a student in SFU's English program, I was interested in integrating theories of literary criticism with graphic novels, and my Honours Thesis Essay investigated the role that literary, cultural, and semiotic intertextuality played in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series. During my English MA at Concordia University, my interests expanded to new media theory. My Major Research Project developed a concept of differential media as an alternative to adaptation in studying how authorship and textuality impact narrative.

As a PhD student in Concordia's Interdisciplinary Humanities Program, I've added pop culture franchising and videogames to my areas of expertise. My dissertation project asks what we can learn about transmedia complexes from spatialization in 3D videogame spaces, using fictional geographies like Middle Earth and Gotham City as case studies.

As my research has focused in on larger corporatized media, my research-creation interests have moved in the opposite direction. I have built a curatorial dossier of digital media exhibits featuring avant-garde, utopian, and feminist works and artists, and collaboratively created interactive theatre pieces and boundary-pushing works in the comics medium. What I love most about both my academic and creative pursuits is collaboration--whether I'm consulting, supporting, or leading a project, nothing excites me more than working on a team to help shape ideas into products that know their audience and what they want to achieve.

I live in Montreal, so my interests in my spare time shift depending on what the weather affords. If the ground is clear, I'm outside hiking, cycling, running, and gardening. But in the hibernatory seasons, I'm inside cooking, gaming, or hosting with my partner Amanda.